Many of you know that I was shockingly diagnosed with HIV on March 12, 2017. I have chosen to take all natural supplements such as Vitamin C, Black Seed oil, Colloidal Silver Herbal detox teas + more to treat her condition. The holistic route is not the most affordable but it is my choice while continuing to have my levels checked regularly, I have sacrificed a lot to address this on my own but I have lost my gym + more recently my vehicle.

I never wanted to ask for donations for myself but my intuitive life coach, Mrs. Cameka explained that people are looking for a way to thank me for helping them. So here I am. I am humbled + honored to be the person to bring awareness to this very real condition for each of you.

I will make this negative into a positive.. well my positive will become negative... You know what I mean. We were not reated to fail.

XO- Estelle

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