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Just Live is back!

In two-thousand + fifteen I introduced a seven-day program to help others start their health journey. I am restarting the program with more for you.

I will provide you with the tools that you need to get started + become successful. I will personally support you throughout the week as you have questions. I have designed this program so that each day you will learn a little more towards becoming an expert in creating your own positive space +/or day. I will assist in helping you create meal plans, affirmations + solutions to mental road blocks. Since two-thousand + fifteen I have learned so much that i’m excited to share in this re-invented program.

The old program: - Included meat such as chicken or turkey - Pre-healing knowledge - Email communication only.

The new program: - Completely plant based - Healing knowledge - Email communication - Orientation call - Lesson videos - Group communication - Herbal remedies - Printable material.

First Session - June 22 thru June 28 (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

Second Session - July 20 thru July 26


*$30 after midnight on July 17, 2019