Getting my shit together. I was on a roll. I had discovered my power, I had found my motivation + I was moving towards my happy. Then. I opened that fcking email. I don’t think that anyone expects to open an email at 6am on a sunday morning with potentially devastating information. I didn’t either but thats exactly what happened.

Within one month I lost the life I thought I was going to have. The thought that I may meet someone + have a huge family. The guy that I was seeing at the time, that I thought was perfect for me. The emotional relationship/connection between myself + the guy I consider my person. DEVASTATING. The feeling of waking up without anxiety. I lost my spirit, my hope, my pride. I lost all of these things in that month. Mental hell.

I gained almost ALL of the weight back from this trauma. But today I am re-starting.

Two classes this am at the gym, then new meal plan + food restrictions. Im going into this STRICTER alkaline/vegan lifestyle/plan with courage. That’s really all that I need to start.


Day 1 of 31