Retreat Day Pass


Retreat Day Pass


June 21-23

Fri, My Birthday + Sun

Meals not included in day pass.

Day pass hours are:

Friday 8pm-10pm

Saturday 8:30am-7pm

Sunday 8:30am-12pm

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Get Away With Estelle for the first ever SWEAT retreat. 

Spend three nights in Palm Springs, California, surrounded  by a group of like minded individuals. We will have a relaxing weekend to learn more about ourselves. We will have an exciting time meditating by the pool along with activities designed to RE-build our selves. 

Limited Occupancy:

Overnight guests - 23

Day pass guests - 6

Rooming Options:

King Bed Shared $525 per person

Queen Bed Shared $450 per person

Twin Bed Single $425 per person

$150 deposit due by March 22

(no spots will be added like my classes, I have a strict occupancy limit, im sorry)

CONTACT for information 262-297-9328