Dawn Estelle Archer.



SWEAT is a feeling that cannot be described. It is an energy that is present in every class. Estelle created this class in March 2013 in a parking lot located in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. She quickly drew attention of neighbors + peers in the Manchester area.


In January 2014 she sold her car, placed all of her belongings in a storage unit + flew to California on a one-way ticket. She had a goal to visit all 50 states in one year + help at least one person in every state. That was only the beginning...


Present day, she has completed the tour of the United States (including Mexico + Puerto Rico) in just one year + is teaching at her own studio "theSWEATbox" located in Richmond, Va. Estelle visits California + other states when sponsored to continue to inspire + uplift men, women + kids.

















First –Dawn
Middle – Estelle
Last – Archer
Age –  1986
Birthday – June 22


Current - Richmond, Va
Previous - Atlanta, Ga
Before that - Miami, Fl
For school - Atlanta, Ga
Raised in - Richmond, Va


Graphic Design
Web Design
Life Coaching